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Before you buy

Before any purchase please check your base measurements with a quick tutorial below.

Base Size

Base size is normally 8"x10" but some of our products have personalised base size options.

Although they can be cut to size, if you'd rather a more snug fit you can measure your base size (or ask someone to help you).

Grey colour chart 1.png
Colour chart.png


Don't forget to check the colour against our colour chart - please note the colour may vary slightly, due to device screen settings/lighting when taking pictures.

Anything under 50% on the grey variations is synthetic grey for everything above it is 100% human hair.

Grey colour chart 1.png

Caring for your system

For our esteemed trade partners—salons and barbers—we emphasis e the importance of selecting the appropriate shampoos and conditioners for maintaining the hair systems. It is critical that all products utilised are free from parabens and sulphates to ensure the highest level of care and longevity for the hair systems.

In the maintenance process of your client's hair system, meticulous attention is required to thoroughly cleanse and eliminate any product residue before reapplication. This step is vital to maintain the integrity and appearance of the hair system.

When using a hair dryer on the hair system, it is advisable to operate at a low to medium heat setting. It's essential never to leave the hair system under direct heat unsupervised. Similarly, if straightening the hair system, the temperature should not surpass 180 degrees Celsius to prevent damage.


This guidance ensures that the hair systems you provide and maintain for your clients remain in pristine condition, reflecting the high standards of your establishment.

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